Journey back through our history of performative actions, interventions and submissions dating back to 2013. 

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“Investigations into the NCCC’s appointees, purpose and deep ties to extractive, exploitative and toxic industries suggest it is an unaccountable vehicle to advance profit hungry, ecocidal (which ultimately means genocidal) business interests at the expense of nearly all Australians.” Read our full  submission to COVID-19 Senate Select Committee on National COVID-19 Coordination Commission.

Photo courtesy of Julian Meehan

Early 28th October, as Melbourne released from unprecedented lockdown, Climate Guardians sang songs of gratitude at Royal Melbourne Hospital. Read our blog: Facts vs Falsehoods and other news,

 Photo courtesy of Julian Meehan

Climate Guardians defending Westernport Bay against AGL’s ecocidal gas proposal, February 2021. Read our blog: Climate Guardians Visit Westernport’s Crib Point, Threatened by AGL’s Gas Import Project,

Photo courtesy of Julian Meehan


Read our submission to the Royal Commission Into National Natural Disaster Arrangements.

Photo courtesy of Julian Meehan

Read our submission to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 Review.

Photo courtesy of Julian Meehan

Photo courtesy of Julian Meehan


Bearing witness at recently clear-felled forest coups in Victoria, February 2019.

Photo courtesy of Julian Meehan

We were thrilled that our carefully timed performative collaboration with artist Bridget Nicholson to send an ‘Urgent Message to COP25 Delegates’ was featured in a YAVA exhibition exploring human impacts on the environment. Read our blog


As United Nations delegates were arriving for Day 1 of COP25 climate negotiations in Madrid, 624 pairs of hand cast clay skins from Bridget Nicholson’s Touch This Earth Lightly project lay in tight neat rows on the banks of the Yarra River opposite Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia. Read our blog,

Photo courtesy of Julian Meehan

Climate Guardians are immensely proud to have joined hundreds of courageous people from all walks of life—teachers, musicians, traditional custodians, doctors, writers, artists, labourers, nurses, academics and so on—in blockading IMARC (International Mining and Resources Conference) in Melbourne. Read our blog: Here To Win Not Fight: IMARC Blockade for Climate Justice


Climate Guardians inaugural ‘visitation’ to News Corp’s Melbourne HQ to hold the global ‘propaganda machine’ to account for climate lies as well as ongoing breaches of journalistic codes of ethics that underpin rights to hold media licences, April 2019. Read our blog: Tell the Truth

Coal Digger Coral Bleach looms over AMP’s AGM expressing gratitude for the new Chair David Murray’s unrelenting climate denying stance, and ongoing championing of billionaire coal battlers’ rightful effluence, with thanks and props to Market Forces


Inspired by a genuine desire to properly acknowledge and honour the mentors and minions who do the most to enable Aussie Coal Diggers’ uniquely entitled ‘way of life’, as well as to warn ordinary citizens of grave dangers to safety and security from extremist-alarmist-elitist-warmists, inner city avocado people and Solar Panelista Revolutionaries, Digging Deeper: Secrets of the Neo-COALonial Movement Unearthed! presented by The Butterfly Club was a politically stunning interactive production like none other.

Read our Blog:Digging Deeper: Secrets of the Neo-COALonial Movement Unearthed! A Review and a Reflection

It was a great privilege for the Climate Guardians to help launch the MCA’s survey exhibition ‘Janet Laurence: After Nature with a lament – What Lies Beneath, written especially for the occasion by Irish Australian poet Anne Casey – and to follow that up with a ‘visitation’ at Tony Abbott’s electorate office in Manly, which was reported in the Daily Telegraph. Read our blog: ‘What Lies Beneath’



Coal Diggers helped kick off the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Melbourne, 29 October 2018. 

Climate Guardians performing at the inaugural Biennale of Australian Art (BOAA), 13 & 14 October 2018. Read our blog: Visitation to Lake Wendouree


Coal Diggers present an offering of coal (ok, we spiked we drink) to The Honourable Adam Bandt at The Inaugural God Save The Queen(s) Portrait Collection Ceremony, 7 September 2018. Read our Blog: Coral Bleach: Queen of Global Neo-COALonial Movement

Read our report on the Coalition’s latest democracy spillage: Billionaire Coal Diggers’ Fight for Life and Dignity!

31 August 2018


Following the Victorian Government’s pre-election renewable energy push, read our blog reporting Coal Diggers’ Response to Treacherous Announcement re Free Solar Extractors, 20 August 2018

Here we are re-launching our pet charity the Institute of Public Affairs as the Institute for Gina’s Affairs, . It’s about time Our Generous Gina gets the attention she deserves! Read our blog: Naming Rights for Gina Now: Re-launching the IPA!, 7 August 2018


With swarms of petrochemical waste removed from the Yarra River before being dumped in the NGV’s moat by ‘faceless men in suits’, Climate Guardians performed a clean up as ‘high level collectors’ enjoyed a private dinner with the NGV’s Board and VIPs, 5 April 2017. Please read our blog #ArtNotEcocide

Billionaire Coal Diggers deserve the very best of everything, including “show quality” political lapdogs! We are beyond giddy with excitement that intellectual powerhouses Tones, Craig, Eric, George & Barnaby are standing up for us! Watch out coal hating greenie socialists!

Climate Guardians stand silently holding their message while police remove their climate justice wing & feather decorations – beautifully presented science based policy advice – from the front facade of Australia’s Minister for the Environment, Josh Frydenberg’s office. The Minister remained inside while a number of his staff came out shouting, and even grabbing one Angel by the arms. Who would be more concerned about artistic stickers than about the grave threats we face from global warming? December 2017

Our poor Josh! We Coal Diggers had to muscle our way past hordes of extremist elitist lowlife greenies just to deliver our holiday political donations. And we threw in a special copy of our fav new bible, Climate: Change the Facts 2017 (big high five Institute of Public Affairs!) for being such a nice boy all year! It’s no wonder he was hiding, December 2017

Here we happy Coal Diggers are at the ABC, hosting a holiday season press conference in support of our favourite new bible: Climate: Change the Facts 2017 by our bff bébès from the Institute of Public Affairs, December 2017.

One of Climate Guardians flock was in Bonn recently for #COP23 followed by Venice for the 57th Biennale. Here’s her Blog reflecting on decades of climate activism, the set backs and victories and the important work ahead.

Whew! Some tough questions at our presser at the Menzies dinner in Melbourne, with our cuddly bestie Minister for Coal Josh Frydenberg! Some commie journalists don’t appear to appreciate that a 100% CET (Coal Energy Target) is essential to maintain our effluence and the flow of donations (chortle!) to the #LNP 

This clip was created for projection on public walls during the United Nations COP23 climate negotiations in Bonn. Please read our blog: ‘Only One Earth’, November 2017

Here we are at Melbourne’s International Mining and Resources Conference where Coral Bleach appeared as a key note speaker addressing the key topic: ‘How to Get Rich and Powerful from Digging Up and Burning the Planet!’ After Coral’s talk, along with her Guatam, more than 10,000 people lined up to be photographed by BUMS latest private celebrity photographer Luigi Paparazzi! 31 October 2017

As the US was reeling from unprecedented hurricanes,Climate Guardians hand delivered scrolls with universal messages to Silicon Valley, September 2017. Read our blog: Force for Sustainable Progress or Tool for Tyrants?

Thank heavens we were there to protect our mate (and Federal Environment Minister) Josh from hordes of elitist lowlife leftist greenies who gate crashed the Kooyong 200 Club’s fundraising brekkie, September 2017

Read ClimActs submission re Reforms to the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Tax

Coal Diggers‘ Clean Energy solutions are mineral rich, organical, and ‘clean’ & green! Read all about our latest offering in our blog: Magicoal Pudding

Coal Diggers formally seeking to retain a prestigious law firm to represent us in a claim for $666 billion in lost profits suffered as a direct consequence of ongoing government failure to address Coal Investile Dysfunction (“CID”). Read our blog: Coal Diggers’ Landmark Claim Against Mums & Dads and Farmers!

Coal Diggers prepare BUMS high ranking submission for the Federal government’s Climate Change Review 2017, May 2017