Magicoal Pudding

Jun 16, 2017

Magicoal Pudding is mineral rich, organical, and ‘clean’ & green!

Oh that Sweetie Alan Finkel, what a Sorcerer he is!

While our people in high places combust over particulates in the Finkel Review’s Clean Energy Target, we Coal Diggers are secretly delighted!

For, in line with our expertant submission, there’s to be no more discrimination against coal!

With a shout out to our mentor Tony, Coalene Pitt digs in!

Now, without a limit on ‘low emission certificates’, our fabulous Clean Coal Fairy can freely jump out of Finkel’s Magicoal Pudding as many times as she likes!

Our fully automated, artificially intelligent Clean Coal Fairy is always on the job!

Furthermore, unlike that has been, totes coalist Renewable Energy Target (gross discrimination against us billionaire miners!), the Coalition’s CET = is a win win win for us Coal Digger BUMS Bébès!


Magicoal Pudding, featuring in our next edition of Cooking with Coal & Gas: Recipes for Disaster!

“Told you it was rich!” exclaims Coral Bleach

So just ignore those little leftants, like the greenies at Lighter Footprint’s sellout event, held outrageously in our beloved Josh Frydenberg’s very own electorate! So many of the green-whingers booked seats that the pinko organisers had to move the event to a bigger hall, open up the whole balcony and still turn hundreds away cuz they’d simply run outa seats! Totes UnAustralian. Get A Job!

Don’t be fooled, totes fake audience!