Dirty Santa, Coral Bleach and their coal elves on the then Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt’s rooftop following his approval of the Abbot Point coal terminal, 26 December 2015.

our acts


Our Acts are designed to address different aspects of the Climate Emergency debate.

While some occasions call for graceful and haunting Climate Guardians, we find the aburdly self-serving Coal Diggers or the ridiculous Flat Earthers can speak more directly to the greed and folly of the fossil fuel industry and its political and corporate backers.




Top image: Climate Guardians appeared at the Launch of Janet Laurence’s H2O Water Bar installation, Paddington Reservoir Gardens,
11 February 2016: Image courtesy of Nikki To/City of Sydney.


Center image: To debunk ideologically motivated rumours that clean coal doesn’t exist, Coal Diggers held a high profile Press Conference at Federal Minister for Environment and Energy Josh Frydenberg’s office to announce the innovative Clean Coal Fairy™, February 2017.
Image courtsey of Bernard Peasley


Bottom image: Medieval Astro-Geologists host a Gas Fracking Symposium for Giants, 101 Collins Street , Melbourne. July 2021.

Image courtesy of Julian Mehan