An Australian child’s message to COP21 delegates, hand delivered to the United Nations conference in Paris by Climate Guardians, December 2015.



ClimActs’ work is founded on the most-up-to-date, credible science available.

In addition to our performative work, ClimActs makes submissions to government Inquiries,

in some cases in satire for greater impact.

Our Charter details the climate emergency policies required to transition our economy from one built on extraction and exploitation to one that is cleaner and fairer for all.

You will find all of our government submissions here.











Top  image: Much to everyone’s surprise, senior graverobbers from the Frackers’ Guild delivered the key note address at 

Minter Ellison’s Coal Seam Gas Symposium, 2013.


Bottom image: As United Nations delegates were arriving for Day 1 of COP25 climate negotiations in Madrid, the Climate Guardians sent an urgent message from Melbourne, December 2019.