Adjunct Professor Fractious, Vice Chancellor Carbonascious, Emeritus Enseamenatus, Chancellor Gascious

Key Note Speakers at Minter Ellison's Coal Seam Gas Symposium

Key Note Speakers at Minter Ellison’s Coal Seam Gas Symposium

Fracker’s Guild Joins Forces with the Gas Industry:

Clean Water Be Dammed – Burn the Renewable Energy Heretics!

Attendees of Minter Ellison’s Coal Seam Gas Symposium were surprised to be addressed by grave robbers from the medieval warming period. The Frackers’ Guild of the Universitas of Apocolypsiarse  announced a formal partnership with the Gas industry:

“We join the Gas industry in shunning scientific studies showing that the use and disposal of large volumes of chemical-laden water used in fracking could contaminate water and trigger earthquakes, and that far greater emissions of methane (typically 85 to 90 per cent of natural gas) may be being released into the atmosphere than were suspected.[1] Who cares if methane has a far more potent affect than CO2 in the atmosphere, when viewed over a twenty-year time span” said Adjunct Professor Fractious to cheers from his scholarly associates!