At dusk, gathering before the Latrobe Valley’s Yallourn power station and open cut coal mine. 25 September 2016. Photograph by Peter Houghton.

Climate Guardians


Inspired by Allana Beltran’s graceful and haunting Weld Angel, Climate Guardians use angel iconography to highlight the urgency of the Climate Emergency.


Based on the best available science, Climate Guardians warn of the imminent threat of climate breakdown if human economies fail to transition to a zero emissions while also drawing down legacy carbon at emergency speed and scale, before 2030.

Climate Guardians guard the NGV’s iconic water wall as guests arrive for a ‘high level collectors’ dinner with NGV Board and Foundation members, 5 April 2018. Read our blog:#ArtNotEcocide

Resource wars over fossil fuels – finite resources that can only be exploited once – are destroying our climate and destabilizing world peace. Climate Guardians call for the declareation of a state of Climate Emergency to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground. All lives depend on a safe climate. Failure is not an option.
Action, as outlined in our Safe Climate Demands is our moral responsibility.

Climate Guardians joined concerned local citizens from Save Westernport at Crib Point’s Woolley’s Beach, then threatened by AGL’s proposed gas import project, Monday 22 February 2021. 

Climate Guardians created a series of artworks for projection on public walls during the United Nations COP23 climate negotiations in Bonn. Read our blog: Only One Earth.

Anglesea Visitation

The Climate Guardians were invited by the lovely people of Anglesea to visit the horrible Anglesea Power Station today. A disgrace that this heavily polluting facility is located so close to a primary school and the homes of residents.   Anglesea is the third...

G20 Climate Guardian Angels

At the G20 in Brisbane (15 Nov 2014) our Prime Minister turned his back on the future by declaring his loyalty to coal. As the world forms a global village of climate actors Tony Abbot stood forth as its idiot. He hosted a forum of world leaders and not only failed to...

Climate Guardians host a Press Conference on the Carbon Price Repeal Legislation

Climate Guardians host a Press Conference in Parliament House Canberra on the Carbon Price Repeal Legislation with the Hon. Kelvin Thompson, Sen. Christine Milne and Sen. Louise Pratt

Carbon Price Repeal Legislation

The Climate Guardians portend the danger of the Carbon Price Repeal Legislation at Parliament House Canberra under a bank of ominous cloud.

Climate Guardians Portending

"The floor of the House of Representatives might seem light years from the vaulted skies of our planet’s atmosphere but our Parliamentarians must put on record how they will answer their children and grandchildren when they ask at climate departure, ‘what did you do...

The Angel Diaries – Close Encounters with Climate Culprits

  In response to an Angel Visitation to the campaign office of Kevin Ekendahl, Liberal Party candidate for Melbourne Ports, 3 September 2013 Dear Kevin, Thank you for taking the time to engage with us regarding the grave threats that the Coalition’s Direct Action...