Climate Guardians

Our founding act is the Climate Guardians who use angel iconography to highlight the vital role of guardianship of precious natural resources, both human and non-human, in addressing the global threat from climate change. Graceful, haunting, and iconic, these delicate human creatures adorned with large swooping wings play a role of peaceful social disruption; appearing at major rallies, backdropping or intercepting political events, and bringing a theatrical and angelic presence to public demonstrations as well as non-violent direct actions to support demands for climate justice.


Get in touch with us if you are interested in joining an action as a Climate Guardian Angel!


2014-11-23 12.07.33

Coal Requiem



One response to “Climate Guardians

  1. Hi guys, what a wonderful image of you at the Lorne sculpture festival. We are a community group- Surf Coast air Action -working hard to get the Alcoa coal mine and power plant at Anglesea closed. We are planning a Human sign on 22nd June at Anglesea beach. I noticed your fabulous flares and am wondering if you could let me know what they are and where we could perhaps get them. Would appreciate your help. thanks
    Regina Gleeson

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