Emeritus Professor Emissionraiseth, Vice-Chancellor Gaslove and Adjunct Professor Greenhousen appeareth at BHP’s global headquarters, 101 Collinst Street, Melbourne. Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Julian Meehan

Flat Earthers


Travelling backeth through time using relativity-illusory, global-worm-holing techniques, we Flat Earthers are esteemedeth Medieval Astro-Geologists frometh the Universitarse of Climatastropharse (est. 1033AD).

We serveth the fossil Billionaires United Mining Services (BUMS) conglomerate of interlinkaged peak body thinketh-tanks and public policy wonketh groups.

Devotees to unlimited substrata profiteering, we verily cometh to bequetheth our greateth wisdom upon thine nobleth Aussie Frackers. 


Adjunct Professor Greenhousen and Chancellor Lovecoal appeareth as expert witnesses at the Abbott Government’s Senate Inquisition of renewable energy, 2013.  

Our research doth showeth that wind turbines trapeth stardust in the Earth’s atmosphere, thus causeth dangerous global worming and an unsustainable increaseth in white peoples’ freckles. 
Furthermoreth, we have doth proveth that solar panels extracteth the suns’ rays out of the universe, awayeth from all constellations of the Great Firmament in the Heavens Above!
And furthermoreth that wind farms bloweth the Earth off its axis and into a nasty, foreign-owned galaxy! Know thine trueth we sayeth!

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Flat Earth Institute doth proudly endorseth Senator David Leyonhjelm’s Candidate for Wind Commissioner

MEDIA RELEASE: We esteemed Astronomers from the Flat Earth Institute hath endorsethed Senator David Leyonhjelm’s candidates for the role of Wind Commissioner. “The role of Wind Commissioner was granteth by the honourable LNP government, as part of the recommendations...

Submission to the Inquiry into Unconventional Gas in Victoria

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a submission regarding this important issue. Unconventional gas is a fossil fuel that is extracted through fracking (a layperson’s term for hydraulic fracturing), a process of fracturing rocks to allow collection of oil and...

Frackers’ Guild Joins Forces with the Gas Industry

Clean Water Be Dammed, Burn the Renewable Energy Heretics! The Frackers’ Guild goes back to the year 1033AD to the time when there was a brisk trade in biblical relics and Saint’s body parts. These ‘resurrectionists’ have been digging up the earth for centuries in the...