ClimActs Videos

Climate Guardians delivering hundreds of Australian children’s’ messages to COP21 delegates, imploring them to safeguard the future

Climate Guardians blockading Engie’s head office in Paris during COP21, with messages from the Latrobe Valley community

Climate Guardians stand with the Knitting Nannas of Toolangi in protest of industrial clear fell logging, calling for the area to be protected as Victoria’s Great Forest National Park

Angel Harriet Ripley sings for her generation with an acclimatized version of the blues anthem Summertime:

and an acclimatized version of Skinny Love:


Climate Guardians want you to send a letter to world leaders!


Coal Diggers at the Coal Party

ClimActs: Acting on Climate Justice

Thanks to these wonderful people ClimActs has a documentary to explain its work. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Director – Cassandra Mendonca
Cinematography – Cassandra Mendonca & Alexander Karney-Jeffrey
Editing – Felisia Louis & Cassandra Mendonca
Script – Melissa Corbett
Project Coordinator – Melissa Corbett
Music – Zedeppelin
Footage provided by – Rebecca McLean & Sophia ‘Flo’ Dacy-Cole

Coal Diggers restoring order: day 1, 44th Australian Parliament

Coal Diggers installing their mentor and BFF (that’s best friend forever in teenglish)

Freedom Fighters unstick Green Tape tyranny

Climate Guardians portending danger from the dismantling of Australia’s climate protection laws, Parliament House, Day 2, 44th Australian Parliament

Climate Guardians visitation to Ballarat, Interventions Art Project

Coal Diggers prospecting in Ballarat, Interventions Art Project

Fond memories stencilling our Climate Justice marque on BHP’s head office, with the late Mandy Press (7/12/1947 – 1/10/2013)

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