A Deadly Gas Grab

To mark World Environment Day 2021, we’re challenging one of Australia’s most polluting proposals – BHP & Woodside’s Scarborough LNG project.

Seriously dodgy carbon accounting practices are enabling fossil fuel companies to exempt emissions from projects that they are heavily invested in.

Obviously, the quickest, safest way to confront the climate emergency is to keep all fossil fuels in the ground.

The below message was sent to WA Ministers Roger Cook and Amber-Jade Sanderson, as well as the Chairs and CEOs of BHP and Woodside.

Dear Ministers ,

Further to telephone calls to your offices, we are pleased to put our concerns about the proposed Scarborough LNG project in writing for you.

As it is your job to safeguard the long term health and wellbeing of your community, it is reasonable to assume that you accept that decisions should be based on the best available science, facts, data and evidence.

The extreme local and global threats from rising greenhouse gas emissions fueling the climate crisis are obviously well understood. In fact the deadly consequences of extracting and burning fossil fuels were well understood by fossil fuel companies back in the 1970s.  

Meanwhile, you may also be aware of last week’s landmark Federal Court judgement establishing a new duty of care under the law. 

This moving paragraph from the written judgement pretty much says it all: 

It is difficult to characterise in a single phrase the devastation that the plausible evidence presented in this proceeding forecasts for the children. As Australian adults know their country, Australia will be lost and the world as we know it gone as well. 

The physical environment will be harsher, far more extreme and devastatingly brutal when angry. As for the human experience – quality of life, opportunities to partake in nature’s treasures, the capacity to grow and prosper – all will be greatly diminished. 

Lives will be cut short. Trauma will be far more common and good health harder to hold and maintain. 

None of this will be the fault of nature itself. It will largely be inflicted by the inaction of this generation of adults, in what might fairly be described as the greatest inter-generational injustice ever inflicted by one generation of humans upon the next. To say that the children are vulnerable is to understate their predicament.

At every level and by every measure, the Scarborough LNG project is a full blown assault on local and global communities. 

It appears that neither the obscene levels of greenhouse gas pollution, nor the impacts on invaluable local rock art from acid rain, from this proposed ecocidal project have been subject to proper assessment.

And to be clear, the proponents* of this appalling project are extremely wealthy companies with phenomenal capacities to work with local communities to rapidly transition Australia’s energy systems, as well as to establish global exports of zero emission energy in the form of green (that is fully renewable energy powered) hydrogen.  

It is beyond fathomable that the fossil fuel industry is still allowed to make massive profits from owning and controlling access to energy sources that threaten all life, let alone to attract billions in public subsidies.  

For the sake of everything, please outright reject the Scarborough LNG project and establish policies to ensure that communities are safeguarded against all such ecocidal proposals in the future.

Yours faithfully,

The Climate Guardians

* note that the Chairs and CEOs of both companies have been ccd.

Climate Guardians Visit Westernport’s Crib Point, Threatened by AGL’s Gas Import Project

Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

As reported in The Mornington Peninsula News, Climate Guardians proudly joined concerned local citizens from Save Westernport at Crib Point’s Woolley’s Beach on Monday 22 February. 

Our visit was strategically timed to coincide with the delivery of the Crib Point Inquiry and Advisory Committee’s (IAC) report on AGL/APA’s ecocidal gas proposal—to operate a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (a giant gas tanker) to import and store liquified natural gas (LNG) from interstate or overseas—to Victoria’s Planning Minister, Richard Wynne MP.  

Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

Following an extensive Inquiry process late last year, numerous requests have been made for the IAC’s report to be made public. However, Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has advised that it will not be released until the Minister announces his ruling in a few weeks time. Given the exceptional community engagement (6,058 submissions opposing the project), we find the decision to deny public access to the IAC’s report undemocratic. 

Image from The Mornington Peninsula News, by Garry Sissons

Another questionable development is that consultants for AGL/APA were apparently hosting a Federal Government delegation at the threatened site on the same day. Was approval for this visit with lobbyists granted by DELWP? 

Expressed another way (and the community’s right to know aside), it seems that the Federal Government was interfering before the Victorian Planning Minister had even received a copy of IAC’s report. So, has due process been given? 

Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

Meanwhile, a few key facts to keep front of mind:

  • AGL is Australia’s largest polluter by a long shot;
  • AGL has an appalling record of breaching environment laws. At the end of last year AGL faced calls for criminal charges following another coal ash spill from its Bayswater power station. AGL was found to have breached that site’s environment licence 52 times in the last five years;
  • AGL has a long history of seeking to control access to energy in order to maximise profits;
  • AGL is an extremely wealthy and capable energy company with enormous capacities to work with local communities to rapidly transition Australia’s energy systems;
  • by every measure, AGL’s proposed gas project in Westernport is ecocidal, egregious and gratuitous;
  • the fossil fuel industry’s own scientists were warning of the deadly consequences of its products back in the 1970s;
  • as Australia’s horrific 2019/2020 Inferno Summer demonstrated, we are already experiencing advanced climate and biodiversity collapse as a direct result of mining and burning fossil fuels (among other greenhouse gas intensive activities);
  • AGL is well aware of the incredible innovations and steeply declining costs of zero emission energy alternatives, as well as for the cutting edge distribution and storage systems that support them;
  • rolling out zero emission technologies now will deliver clean and secure energy while creating millions of safe and stable jobs in local economies (like Crib Point) that desperately need them;
  • the area around Crib Point on Westernport is a Ramsar Wetland site of international importance.
Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

So, why is AGL pushing ahead with another toxic, climate wrecking and deeply controversial project that is destined to become a stranded asset much sooner than later? And why risk such an ecocidal project in a vulnerable area with a Ramsar Wetland of International Significance listing?

Why are the Victorian and Federal Governments even allowing such a dangerous and antisocial project to be considered at all? 

Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

Whether it’s sitting in our Parliaments or in corporate boardrooms, surely we all deserve better from our so-called leaders. 

With our heart-felt thanks to the Save Westernport community for its courageous and determined campaign to protect its critically threatened, internationally recognised ecosystems and the endangered species that depend on them.  

Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

Facts vs Falsehoods and other news

Early 28th October, as Melbourne released from unprecedented lockdown, Climate Guardians sang songs of gratitude at Royal Melbourne Hospital. Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

As challenging as well as deeply unfairly felt as lockdowns have been, COVID-19’s capacity to expose democracy’s diseases has been exceptional.

At least it seems that a lot more people are seriously considering what the point is of:

• leaders who wilfully ignore experts to justify putting short-term personal gains for a few above the health and wellbeing of all else;
• a health system that largely ignores the interdependencies between human and ecological health and allows private interests to profit from systemic illness;
• news and information services (regardless of platform) that are permitted to profit from peddling propaganda;
• complex regulations (so-called) that consistently fail to protect consumers from abuse;
• an economy that largely underpays/undervalues its most ‘essential workers’ and puts profits before needs;
• law makers who demonstrate scant respect for the law and/or do not practice the values and standards they preach; and
• a democracy that allows staggering levels of inequality and injustice (racial, gender, sexual orientation and so on)?

Have we forgotten anything?

Climate Guardians launching their #BreakMurdochMonopoly campaign, 23 April 2019. Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

As you may recall, a few weeks prior to the announcement of Australia’s 2019 Federal election campaign, Climate Guardians launched their #BreakMurdochMonopoly campaign at Melbourne’s Herald & Weekly Times HQ. And prior to lockdown more than a dozen ‘visitations’ from angels with messages had been ‘performed’ at the site since. On only one occasion were angels met with hostile police, and to be fair only the officer who happened to be in charge. With generous pro bono assistance from Stary Norton Halphen, those two angels are appearing in court this week to challenge the ensuing charges of trespass and besetting of premises.

17th May 2019, the ‘visitation’ that resulted in charges of trespass and besetting of premises.

During Melbourne’s lockdown, we focussed on submissions, including a major complaint to the ACCC arguing that consumers of news and information services should be entitled to the same protections against false and misleading claims as are other consumers. Thanks to a wee twist of fate, our complaint’s submission was delayed by one day (10th October), thus enabling us to discover and reference former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s noble #MurdochRoyalCommission as ecstatic enthusiasm for it was crashing Australian federal government’s website. Naturally, we applaud Rudd and former Coalition PM Malcolm Turnbull for taking a united, bi-partisan stand to call out News Corp’s appalling media power abuse, as well as Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young’s subsequent Inquiry into Media Diversity.

Royal Melbourne Hospital, 28th October. Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

In preparing our ACCC media power abuse submission, we’ve certainly learned how effectively Australia’s defamation laws can protect powerful interests. We appreciate the wonderful pro bono support we’ve received from legal experts at Russell Kennedy Lawyers in guiding us through these defamation laws, and appreciate the awesome people at Justice Connect for sourcing this pro bono support.

Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

Further to this, in response to her effluent submission to the Victorian government’s Inquiry into AGL’s Crib Point gas import jetty and pipeline project, our Carbon Doyen Ms Coral Bleach has been called as a witness and will be giving evidence on Monday 7 December between 12.45pm and 1pm. Seriously!

Coral Bleach celebrating seismic news that Australia is now officially the world’s biggest digger & dealer 

Meanwhile, in the hopes of discovering opportunities to take legal challenges, ClimActs has become an incorporated association. Expressed another way, after seven years of joyful (and yes occasionally highly stressful!) climate and social justice advocacy, we’re official!

Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

So, it really seemed fitting that our first post-incorporating ‘visitation’ was to sing songs of gratitude for Victoria’s essential workers, and for our decision makers’ courage and steadfast determination to be guided by best available independent science, data, facts and evidence re COVID19. This is precisely the decision making we need in relation to, well, everything. As this global pandemic has shown, no responsible government should ever allow private profits to compromise the safety and wellbeing of its people and the ecosystems all life depends on.

Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

This week it’s also a great privilege to participate in some excellent public discussions including Responding to the Ecological Emergency (Wednesday 18/11, 1pm – 2.30pm) with Systems Change and the Arts, and Understanding Ecological Threats, Resilience and Peace (Thursday 19/11, 5.30pm – 7pm) with the United Nations Association of Australia Victorian Young Professionals in partnership with Institute of Economics and Peace. We hope you will join us too!

Thanks for engaging and please contact us with any tips or queries about our efforts towards a cleaner and fairer world.

BUMS Stand Up for AGL!

Locked Down Coral Bleach Zooming with COALition Fans

What follows is BUMS official submission to this heinous Victorian Government Inquiry:

24 August 2020

Crib Point Inquiry and Advisory Committee
Planning Panels Victoria

SUBMISSION: Crib Point gas import jetty and gas pipeline project

Dear Sir/Madam,

This Inquiry is just another example of the gross discrimination and outrageous oppression being inflicted upon fossil fuel doyens in Victoria!

Of course, we should be able to cover Victoria with gas terminals and pipelines as we see fit! After all, how else could Aussie’s have overtaken Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s biggest frackers?!

Meanwhile, as substrata devotees, of course you can be assured that our fracking projects would never disturb any of our giant coal pits and quarries.

We contend that the Magna Carta (on its proper construction) protects fossil fuel billionaires’ entitlement to ongoing compulsory contributions from Victorian energy consumers and taxpayers and that this entitlement has been insufficiently protected by the Victorian ALP government.

As a result of ongoing egregious failures to protect BUMS rightful rights, elitist, leftist-green latté sipping energy alternatives (i.e. solar extractors on the roofs of mums & dads houses and wind exploiters in farmers’ fields backed up by cutting edge batteries) have been allowed to undermine the legacy position of fossil fuels.

We cannot allow this interference in the growth of our beloved gas to grievously infringe our said entitlement to profits and subsidies (upon which the former entirely rely for basic survival).

As our ‘mates’ in charge of the National Coalvid Commission—that is demonstrably in charge of Australia—will assert, this Inquiry represents an assault on our supreme effluence and is plainly unAustralian.  We contend that it sounds in compensatory and punitive damages under the Investor State Dispute Settlement clauses of the TPP, and related neoliberal international agreements that are intended to safeguard our legacy power over power (in all its manifestations!), and profits to ensure our continued effluence into the future.

We Stand With AGL! And, with our high-level Attorney, Lignite Pit QC, we will see you in court!!

Ms Coral Bleach

Billionaires United Mining Services (BUMS)
PO Box 666
Melbourne Victoria 3000
Website: climacts.org.au

COALvid-19: “Hellscape” for Carbon Barons

BUMS* CEO2 Coral Bleach poses for Zoom as Australia becomes the world’s biggest digger & dealer

In this leaked email from Coal Digger Coral Bleach to ScoMo, Aussie billionaire fossil fuel doyens plead for further massive public handouts

Dearly Devoted ScoMo,

We can’t thank you and your fossil fuel friendly office enough for entrusting us with Australia’s economy. Free from democratic constraints and any other green tape, our National Coalvid Coordination Commission (NCCC, starring us 🤩) is drilling down even deeper thanks to all that lovely taxpayers’ money!  No virus (or science or economics etc) will stop our turbo fracking!

While Saudi Arabia and Russia were feuding over oil and gas prices – stranding swollen tankers, decimating supply chains and collapsing market confidence in our carbon economy – we Aussie diggers have stolen the prize as The World’s Biggest Fossil Fuels Digger & Dealer!

As you say ScoMo, ‘How Good is Australia’!

But ScoMo mate, beneath our cheers are fears and tears! As market analysts (with reports with nasty names) are showing, carbon share prices had virtually halved during the decade prior to COALvid-19! That’s right, PRIOR to this carbon demand bashing pandemic.

Even with JobKeeper loopholes for billionaires, we’re literally facing collapse!

And all the while, solar and wind extractors have been stealthily invading our market territory, eroding our super profits and generally creating a ‘hellscape’ for us BUMS*!

Amid global calls to ‘build back better’, and for a ‘Great Reset’, we urge you to stand strong with us ScoMo! Don’t give in to the latte sipping, smashed avocado eating greenest alarmists – bring on more fossil fuel subsidies mate!

Don’t forget Who’s Who in Australia! We know you can deliver!

Yours Forever Effluently,

Ms Coral Bleach
CEO2 Billionaires United Mining Services* (BUMS)
ccd to NCCC via your Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

PS: BUMS’ political donation on account of the Government’s great work (nudge nudge wink 😉💰!) is in the coal sack that our man servant threw over the walls of Kirribilli House last night.

ScoMo MiraCoal, That Day in Australia’s Parliament



Urgent Message to COP25 Delegates: Time for Cooperative Agreements

Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

As United Nations delegates were arriving for Day 1 of COP25 climate negotiations in Madrid, 624 pairs of hand cast clay skins from Bridget Nicholson’s Touch This Earth Lightly project lay in tight neat rows on the banks of the Yarra River opposite Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia.
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BHP: Evolve Your Purpose

BHP’s global headquarters, Melbourne Australia, Image courtesy of Julian Meehan

Dear Mr Henry,

Congratulations on your new role as BHP’s CEO.

We feel encouraged by reports suggesting that you intend continuing BHP’s progress in response to fast evolving community expectations that companies take responsibility for their impacts on communities and the natural world as together we face terrifying, converging climate and mass extermin Continue reading

Here To Win Not Fight: IMARC Blockade for Climate Justice

Climate Guardians are immensely proud to have joined hundreds of courageous people from all walks of life—teachers, musicians, traditional custodians, doctors, writers, artists, labourers, nurses, academics and so on—at the recent IMARC (International Mining and Resources Conference) Blockade for Climate Justice in Melbourne.

All images courtesy of Julian Meehan

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Digging Deeper: Secrets of the Neo-COALonial Movement Unearthed! A Review and a Reflection

Lignite Pitt QC, Hazel Wood, Professor Lord Gaseous Mockington, Pentecostal Minister Sergei Carbonacious III and Coral Bleach Digging Deeper on The Butterfly Club’s main stage

Inspired by a genuine desire to properly acknowledge and honour the mentors and minions who do the most to enable Aussie Coal Diggers’ uniquely entitled ‘way of life’, as well as to warn ordinary citizens of grave dangers to safety and security from extremist-alarmist-elitist-warmists, inner city avocado people and Solar Panelista Revolutionaries, Digging Deeper: Secrets of the Neo-COALonial Movement Unearthed! was a deliciously stunning interactive production like none other ever seen! Continue reading