The Weld Angel, Photograph by Matthew Newton

Our Climate Guardian Angel act was inspired by our close artist/activist friend Allana Beltran whose haunting Weld Angel blockade of Tasmania’s Weld Valley Old Growth Forest captivated the world in 2007.

It was Allana’s vision and hope that Angel iconography would be adopted as a powerful symbol for defending the precious, interdependent natural world; the foundation of all life on Earth. Climate Guardians urge care for the precious natural world, to protect children and future generations from the imminent threat of climate change.

We are all now more than delighted to see flocks of ‘climate angels’ manifesting all around the world to protect local environments and the global climate from industries that are destroying common natural assets to make short-term profits for their owners/controllers.


Pcitured in a devastated coup in Victoria’s Toolangi Forest

If you would like to use our ‘climate angel’ act for your own environment and/or social justice activism, we would appreciate you respecting our guide to Angel imagery and behaviour—


Angels wear long, white, modestly designed gowns. Layering can create a beautiful, flowing impression and be practical when portending out in the elements. Always remember to wear white or nude coloured undergarments and sandals/shoes. If practical, bare feet can be the easiest and best.

Garlands are easy to make and you will likely find all of the materials you need at any local arts & crafts shop. In keeping with classical angel imagery, please wear as little makeup and jewellery as possible, cover any tattoos or piercings and tie your hair up.

As you’ll see, it’s easy to create wonderful DIY angel wings with old coat hangers, some extra wire and a range of reused fabrics preferably, or recycled plastic bags if pre-loved materials aren’t available.


While most of our male angels typically wear civvies, performing Mangels can look wonderful wearing Wim Wenders’ classic Wings of Desire angel costumes or white gowns, as they like.


The power of Climate Guardians resides in the poignant, haunting beauty and grace of the iconic Angel imagery. Angels are peaceful and silent. Whilst they may be stern and commanding, Angels always remain above displays of rudeness, rage, aggression or other anti-social behaviour that could undermine their effectiveness. In tense situations, we always remain calm and polite.

In terms of our satirical acts—whether it be as Coal Diggers, Medieval Astronomers from The Flat Earth Institute or Medieval Geographers from The Frackers Guild—please know that we also always remain in character; absurd, ridiculous but never rude or aggressive.

Of course please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries or concerns.

We wish you the very best with your peaceful endeavours to help protect our beautiful natural world—

With love and peace,

The Climate Guardians