BUMS Election Eve Blitz

BUMS Election Eve Blitz

  Here they are - Coral Bleach and The Coal Heads - at Parliament station standing up for BUMS, ahem, YOUR rightful rights and entitlements on the eve of Australia's Federal Election 2022!   Making sure that peeps don't be fooled by other peeps' FAKE NEWS*!...

COP26 Bridge to Zero Emissions Performance

COP26 Bridge to Zero Emissions Performance

Sunday, 31st October 2021, from 7pm to sunset in Melbourne (from 8am Glasgow, UK time)

A performed installation of newly created music to send a powerful message to United Nations delegates as they arrived for Day 1 of COP26 climate negotiations.

As dusk fell, seven Climate Guardians performed on Melbourne’s iconic Princes Bridge; one Angel for each of the Earth’s continents. Joining as Angels, composers/musicians Susan Bamford Caleo and Elissa Goodrich performed their specially created music arranged for Federation Handbells.

A Deadly Gas Grab

To mark World Environment Day 2021, we're challenging one of Australia's most polluting proposals - BHP & Woodside's Scarborough LNG project. Seriously dodgy carbon accounting practices are enabling fossil fuel companies to exempt emissions from projects that they...

Facts vs Falsehoods and other news

As challenging as well as deeply unfairly felt as lockdowns have been, COVID-19’s capacity to expose democracy’s diseases has been exceptional. At least it seems that a lot more people are seriously considering what the point is of: • leaders who wilfully ignore...

BUMS Stand Up for AGL!

What follows is BUMS official submission to this heinous Victorian Government Inquiry: 24 August 2020 Crib Point Inquiry and Advisory Committee Planning Panels Victoria SUBMISSION: Crib Point gas import jetty and gas pipeline project Dear Sir/Madam, This Inquiry is...

COALvid-19: “Hellscape” for Carbon Barons

In this leaked email from Coal Digger Coral Bleach to ScoMo, Aussie billionaire fossil fuel doyens plead for further massive public handouts.  Dearly Devoted ScoMo, We can't thank you and your fossil fuel friendly office enough for entrusting us with Australia's...

Urgent Message to COP25 Delegates: Time for Cooperative Agreements

As United Nations delegates were arriving for Day 1 of COP25 climate negotiations in Madrid, 624 pairs of hand cast clay skins from Bridget Nicholson’s Touch This Earth Lightly project lay in tight neat rows on the banks of the Yarra River opposite Federation Square...

BHP: Evolve Your Purpose

Dear Mr Henry, Congratulations on your new role as BHP's CEO. We feel encouraged by reports suggesting that you intend continuing BHP's progress in response to fast evolving community expectations that companies take responsibility for their impacts on communities and...

Here To Win Not Fight: IMARC Blockade for Climate Justice

Climate Guardians are immensely proud to have joined hundreds of courageous people from all walks of life—teachers, musicians, traditional custodians, doctors, writers, artists, labourers, nurses, academics and so on—at the recent IMARC (International Mining and...

2016: Organised and Armed

Jan 1, 2016

Of COP21, James Hansen, NASA’s former chief climatologist, said: “It’s a fraud really, a fake. It’s just bullshit for them to say: ‘We’ll have a 2C warming target and then try to do a little better every five years.’ It’s just worthless words. There is no action, just promises. As long as fossil fuels appear to be the cheapest fuels out there, they will be continued to be burned.”

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.


Yet the difference between COP15  (Copenhagen, 2009) that spectacularly derailed global efforts to reduce fast escalating levels of greenhouse gas threatening Everything and COP21 (Paris, 2015) is seismic. After endless hours of debating over how much the global temperature should be allowed to rise (as if Nature doesn’t have her own laws) finally in Paris there was an agreement that the consequences of allowing the Earth to heat beyond 1.5C will be catastrophic and must be prevented. For climate activists that’s gold.

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Why? Because it finally enables frank conversations with lawmakers who have knowingly and willfully been held hostage by fossil fuel companies and their investors since the mid 1970s when UN environment talks first began. If the Earth is to remain habitable then as much carbon as humanly possible must be kept in the ground, as well as out of the atmosphere.

In simple language, that means no more fossil fuel energy projects. None. It also means bringing on a whole swath of sustainability projects that will create untold numbers of new jobs and investment in local economies as detailed in our Safe Climate Demands.


While 2015 saw a seismic shift in the global climate debate and the realization that locally owned and controlled renewable energy systems will be better by every measure, we predict 2016 to firmly lay foundations for post carbon local economies the world over. The speed at which this occurs depends on how forcefully people in local communities demand it. Given the urgency, as evidenced by extreme weather conditions everywhere, there isn’t a moment to spare.

Buoyed by enthusiastic responses to our COP21 ‘visitations’, know that ClimActs remains committed to peaceful protesting using beautiful imagery and strategically delivered satire based on the most credible, independent information available.

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