From Paris to the Pilliga

At 3.15am on Tuesday 9 February we scrambled out of bed in time to meet other ‘climate angels’ from the Pilliga Push camp on the Newell Highway 6kms northwards. From there it was about a 45-minute drive to Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project that is constructing 850 coal...


  Heralding the start of a global wave of resistance to keep coal, oil & gas in the ground, on the eve of Mother's Day 2016 in the hottest year in recorded history, flocks of Climate Guardian Mother-Angels descended on the offices of Federal Ministers for...

#KeepYourPromise: reduce Australia’s emissions now

The Climate Guardians had a wonderful time on Sunday meeting both young people and caring grown ups at Templestowe College’s Sustainability Festival. We chose this inspiring community occasion to officially launch our #KeepYourPromise campaign, which demands that...

Coal Diggers Frack with Josh Frydenberg @Kooyong 200 Club

Coal Digger CO2 Coral Bleach and her daughter Bianca Bleach (who only tantrum threatens to sue when not snorting) joined Barnaby Coalala to raise $$$s at the exclusive (read secretive) Kooyong 200 Club. The BUMS* called on Josh Frydenberg to ignore the ideological...


Of all of the incredible and unforgettable actions taken in Paris during COP21, the Climate Guardians’ experiences delivering messages on behalf of Australian children were highlights. Here and in France, not a single person has failed to be moved by the poignancy of...

Angels Arrested at Pilliga Blockade

See coverage and videos here:

2016: Organised and Armed

2016: Organised and Armed

Of COP21, James Hansen, NASA’s former chief climatologist, said: “It’s a fraud really, a fake. It’s just bullshit for them to say: ‘We’ll have a 2C warming target and then try to do a little better every five years.’ It’s just worthless words. There is no action, just...

2015: Reflections

2015: Reflections

2015 was a big year for the Climate Guardians, especially with our big adventure in Paris for the international UN climate summit COP21 in November and December. We are still going through all of the memories and images that have been created, but in the meantime here...

Who Wants Dirty Coal for Christmas?

Early on Christmas Eve 2015 Santa and a bevy of pin-up elves got stuck on the Minister Who Stole Christmas' rooftop  Santa and his elves have got stuck on the Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt’s, rooftop to protest his approval of the Abbot Point coal port. Just...

Only One Earth

Nov 12, 2017

Given the converging crisis we face—as evidenced by extreme weather conditions everywhere and horrifying rates of species loss—all polluting industries must now take full responsibility for halting their greenhouse gas emissions and for sustainably drawing their fair share of legacy emissions down from the atmosphere.


For too long, communities have been held hostage by destructive industries obsessed with maximising profits. As fearless, dedicated investigative journalists have revealed, in many cases obscene profits made from exploiting people and poisoning the Earth are now being obsessively squirrelled away and hoarded in tax havens.


Because laws necessary to end this systemic thievery and abuse threaten powerful people’s profits, we are now witnessing increasingly craven attacks on basic democratic principles. The source of so much international ‘dark money’ is now well understood; it’s clear that the only ‘conspiracy‘ is the conspiracy that there has been no conspiracy.


With advanced, environmentally sustainable technologies funded through fair and transparent processes, it’s possible to deliver safe and secure zero pollution renewable energy, fresh water and food systems to all communities on Earth right now. Urgent priority must go to those most at risk from climate change and/or the resource wars that are driving it. Not only will this help mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, untold numbers of new jobs and investment will be generated in fairer and more sustainable local economies.


This artwork was created for projection on public walls during the United Nations COP23 climate negotiations in Bonn. Please share it to help urge UN delegates and all policy makers from henceforth to fast track the sustainability projects that will support rather than destroy life, as detailed in our Safe Climate Plan.


Always ClimActs’ work benefits from many ‘angels’, and for this project we especially acknowledge, Pippa Bailey, Alexandra de Blas, Imogen Butler, Aphrodite Feros-Fooke, Deborah Hart, Jo Lane, Janet Laurence and Bernard Peasley.

Wingfulls of thanks to the Green Accord conference for the preview screening of ‘Our Only Earth’ in Florence, Italy, on 4 November and EvoLens for enabling our series of public projections in Melbourne, Australia, 9 November. For the record, the premiere public screening was on the facade of BHP Billiton’s global head office.

CBD Projection - BHP-1

BHP Billiton’s global head office

CBD Projection - Fed Square-2

Federation Square

CBD Projection - Flinders Street Station-2

Flinders Street Station – Renovation Scaffolding

CBD Projection - Lonsdale-1

Swanston Street, near cnr Latrobe

CBD Projection - Forum-7

Forum Theatre

CBD Projection - Lonsdale-2

Swanston Street, near cnr Latrobe

CBD Projection - Forum-6

Forum Theatre

CBD Projection - Fed Square-4

Federation Square