Media Partnerships Guide

Climate Guardians performance art piece officially opening the Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2014

Using our images: 

We are more than delighted to share our images with like-minded people engaged in respectful, non-violent climate and ecology advocacy. In return we request an acknowledgment of our work, as well as the right to approve final artwork prior to publication.  

All of our images have been carefully collected and many are in high resolution for print reproduction, and all are definitely usable for web/instagram/twitter use.

Please accompany images with text referencing the title of whichever ClimActs act is featured, along with a link to ClimActs’ website (hyperlink or for printed material). In cases where images have been provided by professionals, we strive to ensure appropriate accreditation of their work as well. For instance: 

Image by Climate Guardians, Photo by Julian Meehan, Instagram @julian.meehan 
Image by Coal Diggers,, Photo Julian Meehan, Instagram @julian.meehan

For online use please use hyperlinks that open in a new tab. For printed use, please provide ClimActs website address.

Depending on where images are used, please include our social media accounts:

Instagram:    @climacts
Facebook:     ClimActs
Twitter:         @ClimateGuardia or @TheCoalDiggers

In cases where logos are featured please include:  

Please contact us for access to high resolution images.