The Angel Diaries – Close Encounters with Climate Culprits

The Angel Diaries – Close Encounters with Climate Culprits

  In response to an Angel Visitation to the campaign office of Kevin Ekendahl, Liberal Party candidate for Melbourne Ports, 3 September 2013 Dear Kevin, Thank you for taking the time to engage with us regarding the grave threats that the Coalition’s Direct Action...


Small online petitions can effect change. Petitions are simply groups of people, big or small, it's what the signers do that's important. The value of the initiative will increase as groups get into the habit of adding their new petitions as soon as they launch them....

COP26 Bridge to Zero Emissions Performance

Nov 16, 2021

Sunday, 31st October 2021, as the sun set in Melbourne (from 8am Glasgow, UK time), a performed installation of newly created music composed for Federation Handbells to send a powerful message to United Nations delegates as they arrived for Day 1 of COP26 climate negotiations.