Coral Bleach and Hazel Wood greeting their Guru Clive Palmer arriving at the National Press Club to deliver his infamous JFK inspired inaugural speech , 13 November 2013.

coal diggers


Aussie Coal Diggers are dedicated extractors and exploiters, diggers, dealers and heavy lifters! Of course, we Carbon Barons should be able to cover every inch of Australia with quarries, gas terminals and pipelines for short term profits! How else could Aussies have overtaken Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s biggest fossil frackers?! We contend that the Magna Carta (on its proper construction) protects fossil billionaires’ rightful rights and entitlements to be publidly subsidised to own and control access to energy sources

for profits for forevermore. 

Under the direction of CEO2 Coral Bleach, our Aussie-based Billionaires United Mining Services (BUMS) conglomerate specialises in elitist-level deep-state lobbying, as well as military ‘Psy-Ops’ tactics to infect frackers’ target communities (ie anyone with fossils under their feet) with ‘information disorder’,
and other democracy destabilising operations.

Srsly peeps, there are no depths BUMS won’t go to prop up polluters’ rightful profits!

Coal Diggers soliciting for solicitors at 101 Collins Street, Melbourne, May 2017. Photograph by Bernard Peasley

Coral Bleach & The Coal Heads making sure Aussies don’t forget fossil fuel magnates on the eve of Australia’s Federal Election, May 2022. Photograph by Julian Meehan.

Coral Bleach & The Coal Heads distributing ‘How to Vote for BUMS’ cards underneath Victoria’s Parliament House, May 2022. Photograph by Julian Meehan.

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