2016: Organised and Armed

Of COP21, James Hansen, NASA’s former chief climatologist, said: “It’s a fraud really, a fake. It’s just bullshit for them to say: ‘We’ll have a 2C warming target and then try to do a little better every five years.’ It’s just worthless words. There is no action, just promises. As long as fossil fuels appear to be the cheapest fuels out there, they will be continued to be burned.”

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.


Yet the difference between COP15  (Copenhagen, 2009) that spectacularly derailed global efforts to reduce fast escalating levels of greenhouse gas threatening Everything and COP21 (Paris, 2015) is seismic. After endless hours of debating over how much the global temperature should be allowed to rise (as if Nature doesn’t have her own laws) finally in Paris there was an agreement that the consequences of allowing the Earth to heat beyond 1.5C will be catastrophic and must be prevented. For climate activists that’s gold.

_1030433 copy
Why? Because it finally enables frank conversations with lawmakers who have knowingly and willfully been held hostage by fossil fuel companies and their investors since the mid 1970s when UN environment talks first began. If the Earth is to remain habitable then as much carbon as humanly possible must be kept in the ground, as well as out of the atmosphere.

In simple language, that means no more fossil fuel energy projects. None. It also means bringing on a whole swath of sustainability projects that will create untold numbers of new jobs and investment in local economies as detailed in our Safe Climate Demands.


While 2015 saw a seismic shift in the global climate debate and the realization that locally owned and controlled renewable energy systems will be better by every measure, we predict 2016 to firmly lay foundations for post carbon local economies the world over. The speed at which this occurs depends on how forcefully people in local communities demand it. Given the urgency, as evidenced by extreme weather conditions everywhere, there isn’t a moment to spare.

Buoyed by enthusiastic responses to our COP21 ‘visitations’, know that ClimActs remains committed to peaceful protesting using beautiful imagery and strategically delivered satire based on the most credible, independent information available.

2014-11-23 12.07.33

Updated – Climate Guardians Engie HQ Visitation

Press Release

Thursday 10th December 2015

For immediate release.

P1030416 copy

A flock of Climate Guardian Angels from Australia descended on Engie’s head office in Paris to decry the corporation’s appalling treatment of Victoria’s Latrobe Valley community and their environment.

_1030433 copy

What: A protest/sit in

When: 13.30pm, Thursday, 10th December 2015 (UTC+01:00)

Where: Engie (formerly GDF Suez) Head Office, Place Samuel de Champlain Faubourg de l’Arche, Paris, la Défense

A flock of Climate Guardian Angels descended on Engie’s head office to call the transnational energy corporation to account for its reckless and self-serving approach to business in Victoria, Australia.

“Public Inquiries into the Hazelwood Mine fire (February 2014) that blanketed the Latrobe Valley community in toxic fumes and ash have found that Engie’s poor management contributed to deaths and other adverse health affects,” said Deborah Hart, co-founder of ClimActs.

“To add insult to injury, after 7,000 volunteer firefighters with the Country Fire Authority spent 45 days battling the fire, Engie refused to pay expenses amounting to $18 million. Acknowledging that the real costs of the inferno won’t be clear for a long time to come, we’re here to collect the money owed to Victorian taxpayers.”

“Engie is sponsoring COP21 while running some of the dirtiest coal fired power stations in the world. Their lobbyists are crawling the corridors of power here in Paris. This corporation has blood on its hands from deaths caused by willful negligence. Meanwhile, it’s spent $250million on lobbying the French government to reduce emissions targets, while refusing to pay the $18million owed to the Victorian community for cleaning up the Hazelwood mine fire disaster. Engie is more than hypocritical, it’s criminal.”

The Climate Guardians peacefully dispersed after two and a half hours of blockading the entrance at Engie’s global headquarters in Paris. “Engie’s refusal to accept responsibility is corporate negligence and indifference at its most cynical, self-serving and coldhearted. We will continue to obstruct their business-as-usual model by putting our bodies in the way with peaceful direct action. They have not seen the back of the Climate Guardians’.

_1030432 copy

ClimActs’ Climate Guardian Angels (and Coal Diggers) are in Paris for COP21. “We are here to represent the majority of Australians who want locally owned and controlled renewable energy. Unlike our delegation, most Australians don’t want their beautiful country turned in to a giant quarry to pollute the world,” said Hart.

Contact: +33 684 80 08 83, climacts.org.au

Climate Guardian Angels on Minister for the Environment’s rooftop protesting his approval of the Carmichael coal mine

Press Release

A host of Climate Guardian Angels have descended on the rooftop of Minister Greg Hunt’s office in Hastings, and are refusing to get down until he revokes his approval of the Carmichael coal mine.

What: A protest/sit in

When: 11am, Friday 16th October

Where: 184 Salmon St, Hastings Victoria.photo(1)


A host of Climate Guardian Angels have descended on Minister for the Environment’s rooftop to protest his approval of the Carmichael coal mine.

The project, proposed by Indian mining giant Adani will produce up to 60 million tonnes of coal for export a year, transported through the Abbot Point terminals which are located close to the Great Barrier Reef.

As climate scientists are finding new evidence of accelerated global warming with methane plumes erupting from seabeds, and new modeling on ‘unstoppable’ Arctic sea ice melt with 30-100 cm seal level rises by 2100, this approval of this mine is grossly negligent towards future generations and their intergenerational right to a safe and just climate.

The Carmichael mine has been declared ‘unbankable’ by the Queensland treasury, as the price of thermal coal slips to beneath $60 a tonne, widely considered in structural decline as the world moves towards renewable energy sources to combat the worst impacts of runaway climate change. 14 major global banks have refused to fund it.

As the warmest year on record draws to a close, and in the lead up to the UN COP21 climate talks, the decision by the Australian government to further lock our economy into dirty polluting fossil fuels makes a mockery of the pitiful commitment we have made of a 26% cut in emission on 2005 levels by 2030.

Climate Guardian co-convener Dr Liz Conor said, ‘to be actively expanding Australia’s coal export industry now is beyond irresponsible; it is staggeringly negligent. It will consign our children and theirs to a volatile, dangerous climate system, with far reaching repercussions for their lives. If Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Environment Minister Greg Hunt will not listen to the science on climate change — before leaders from the international community — we entreat them to heed the warnings of Guardian Angels.

The Climate Guardians are travelling to Paris to hand deliver letters and artworks by Australian children to UN delegates since their own government is indifferent to their fears about their future in a volatile climate.

Contact: 0424 132 605. Climacts.org.au

Flat Earth Institute doth proudly endorseth Senator David Leyonhjelm’s Candidate for Wind Commissioner


We esteemed Astronomers from the Flat Earth Institute hath endorsethed Senator David Leyonhjelm’s candidates for the role of Wind Commissioner.

Flat Earthers Beseeching Leyonhjelm

Professors of The Flat Earth Institute beseeching Senator Leyonhjelm to protecteth us from heathen wind turbines at the Melbourne hearing of the Senate Inquiry into Wind Turbines

“The role of Wind Commissioner was granteth by the honourable LNP government, as part of the recommendations madeth by noble senators of the Wind Inquisition. Fearless crusader for freedom against an over-reaching nanny-state, cross bench senator David Leyonhjelm foundeth that the wind energy industry was insufficiently babysat,”1 said Flat Earth Institute spokesastronomer Adjunct Professor Greenhausen.

“That the crippling wind turbine syndrome hath been denieth by the same scientists and doctors whom verily confectethed the global worming conspiracy, exposeths the light. It was only a matter of time before fearless leaders of the free world steppeth forward to stopeth the outages,” Greenhausen added.

Bruce Rapley

Dr Rapley cited Adolf Hitler as saying “strength lies not in defence but in attack”, and described such beliefs as “evident in the wind industry’s modus operandi as they continue to attack anyone who would question their viewpoint”.

Fortunately, after much calculated searching, braveheart Senator Leyonhjelm hath engagethed a worthy scientist in Dr Bruce Rapley; one who adhereths to Flat Earth orthodoxy and hath likenethed the pagan wind energy industry to Hitler. Among his other qualifications, Dr Rapley is deemethed a suitable candidate by virtue of his New Zealander status, since he “has been out of the Australian environment”2.

In his most strongly worded statement in regardeth to the role of Wind Commissioner, Adjunct Professor Greenhausen hath saideth: “The wind doeth bite shrewdly and needeth capturing by a candidate who hath proveneth his devotion to the fossil fuel gods, coal in particulate matter.” For further comment, please contacteth esteemed medieval spokesastronomer on 0432 056 430 or contact us here.

1 http://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/wind-farm-inquiry-is-not-a-case-of-nanny-state-intervention-david-leyonhjelm-says-20150629-gi08zq.html#ixzz3nHgcjleF

2 http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/scientist-who-likened-wind-industry-to-hitler-shapes-as-potential-turnbull-government-adviser-20150930-gjyijg.html

How to make your own DIY angel wings

Anyone can adopt Angel symbolism to make a visual demand for climate justice:


To make it easier for others to undertake their own Climate Guardian actions, Zoe and her friend have developed a prototype set of wings that are durable and light-weight and can easily be replicated at home using recycled materials.

Zoe Buckley Lennox has been involved in some amazing actions inG2OZowiecluding boarding Shell’s arctic oil drilling vessel on the high seas, occupying the platform for 6 days to highlight the insanity of Arctic oil earlier this year. We were really lucky to have Zoe join us as one of our angels at the G20 in Brisbane last year, and even luckier that she will be joining us in Paris for the COP21 international UN climate talks later this year!

Check out this great video on how you too can become a Climate Guardian Angel with your very own set of wings:

If you follow this DIY wing method, it’s worth knowing that we’ve created gorgeous DIY wings using reused white and cream fabrics with some light coloured sheer and/or lace. And have also found it easier to use white gaffa tape and/or winding strips of white or cream fabric to cover the square frame that holds the wings at the back. Making wings this way is entirely sew-less.



And  if you have any tips for improving our evolving methods we’d love to hear them!

Anyone can become a Climate Guardian and set up their own chapter in their town or country.


The costume is cheap to assemble. You need long white dresses from second hand stores. It can be effective to buy white curtain sheers cut off a band from one end for a waistband, double over what’s left and snip a head hole at the fold. Wrap it around your waist with the band.


Laurels are also cheap to make. Buy from any fabric store and twist into a wreath, wrap with thin white ribbon to secure. We bundle our hair up loosely and wear classical sandals.

Thanks to Zoe’s video, we are hoping in future that more people in other parts of the country and even the world, can start coordinating their very own angel actions as part of a mass mobilisation for climate justice! Angel wings can also be gratified, stenciled or chalked.GAF_Lapelpins5 StencilAngel symbolism can appear on any surface, or be worn by men or womenClimate Guardians Website Created

Climate Guardians Website Created

Climate Guardian Angels to Descend on the Paris COP21 Talks

The announcement of Australia’s 26% emissions reduction target based on 2005 levels by the Federal government has incited the Climate Guardians to travel at their own expense to the Paris COP21 climate talks to express Australians’ widespread frustration at our government’s inaction on climate change on the world stage.


The Climate Guardians plan to descend on the Paris COP21 climate talks in December to entreat international leaders to override the ineffective targets announced by former Prime Minister Abbott and upheld by current PM Malcolm Turnbull, which ignore key findings released by the Climate Institute showing the vast majority of Australians demand a transition to clean energy away from coal and want deeper cuts in carbon emissions.

Climate Guardian co-convener Dr Liz Conor said, ‘This woeful commitment to our share of the climate responsibility is an international embarrassment. It smears all Australians as climate shirkers. It is abjectly derelict in our duty of care to all people and life on earth’.

‘Given Australia is the world’s highest greenhouse gas emitter (on a per capita basis), it is unconscionable that our government continues to ignore the increasingly dire warnings by the world’s climate scientists while expanding Australia’s coal export industry.


The Climate Guardians will be standing in defiance of the fossil fuel corporations whose lobbyists are distorting our democratic system in their rapacious quest to profit from a business model that is rapidly and irreversibly destroying the world’s natural assets.

Climate angels with children

In Paris we will be delivering letters written especially by Australian Children imploring international climate leaders to secure their future in a safe and just climate by withstanding our Government’s attempts to scuttle the progress of the talks. Read our full statement.

Please contact us if you would like more information or are interested in participating in the letter writing campaign!

Submission to the Inquiry into Unconventional Gas in Victoria

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a submission regarding this important issue.

Unconventional gas is a fossil fuel that is extracted through fracking (a layperson’s term for hydraulic fracturing), a process of fracturing rocks to allow collection of oil and gas. Fluid is pumped under great pressure – enough pressure to cause rock to crack, or fracture along lines of weakness. This widens or forces open gaps and fissures that enable natural gas to escape to the surface. We LOVE it! We LIVE for it!

So, who are we?

The Frackers Guild


We Steampunk ‘resurrectionists’ go back to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution when we began our brisk trade in grave robbing. We have been digging up the earth for centuries to profit from disinterring petrified cadavers and the occasional fossil (not to mention associated fuels). With our venture partners from the unconventional gas industry, we plan to enrich ourselves by disemboweling every square inch of Victoria flushing out its decomposing organic matter of any description – arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and selenium, as well as aluminium, antimony, barium, beryllium, boron, chlorine, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, thallium, vanadium, zinc, along with forebears, coal seam gas, saints relics, sewage or whatever else we might find down there in the glorious bowels of the earth, our final frontier.


Fracking is Our Sacred Tradition


Key Note Speakers at Minter Ellison's Coal Seam Gas Symposium

Key Note Speakers at Minter Ellison’s Coal Seam Gas Symposium


Beyond our main source of wealth generation, fracking into the deepest crevices of the Earth is how we experience our highest joy and most divine spiritual connection into our world.


For us it is like a charging prize bull to an immaculately dressed bull fighter! Or harpooning the last living creature of an endangered species! Actually, really, fracking leaves everything else for dead.


Confronting Toxic Misunderstandings


The Frackers Guild is deeply offended that the role we are playing in helping to release global warming greenhouse gas pollution into the atmosphere is being understated.


In our fracking frenzies, methane (aka ‘fugitive emissions’), which is odourless, colourless and highly flammable, is released in quantities that even we have no idea of.[i] And since methane is around 85 times more potent than CO2 in the atmosphere, when viewed over a 20-year time span, we deserve prizes for making things nice and cosy for everyone.[ii]


We also resent that we are not generously financially rewarded for our excellent fracking hygiene standards. For example, we happily use untold amounts of fresh water from the Great Artesian Basin. It’s prime agricultural areas that we love to frack most, and always ensure to leave our mark on landscapes, far and wide. In our mass dis-entombing processes, we spare no benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene and xylene as our fracked groundwater and soils frothily demonstrate, as they warmly glow in the dark.[iii]


Freedom for Frackers


So, Mr Delaney Sir, thank you for your time and consideration. Thank you for feeling the depths of our bottomless needs to freely frack in accordance with our most base primal and high spiritual urges. To deny us our deepest instincts would make you a frackist, for grossly discriminating against us frackers. And this would surely put the Victorian government in breach of its duty of care to protect all Victorian souls from foreseeable suffering.


Frackily Yours,


Earnest Enseamenatarse IV

Chief Lobbyist

On behalf of The Frackers Guild and The Friends of the Gas Industry Grassroots Community Group

[i] http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/12/business/energy-environment/12gas.html?pagewanted=2&_r=1 ‘Studies say natural gas has its own environmental problems’ by Tom Zeller Jr., The New York Times, 11 April 2011

[ii] http://www.climatechange2013.org/images/report/WG1AR5_Chapter08_FINAL.pdf

Myhre, G., D. Shindell, F.-M. Bréon, W. Collins, J. Fuglestvedt, J. Huang, D. Koch, J.-F. Lamarque, D. Lee, B. Mendoza, T. Nakajima, A. Robock, G. Stephens, T. Takemura and H. Zhang, 2013: Anthropogenic and Natural Radiative Forc- ing. In: Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [Stocker, T.F., D. Qin, G.-K. Plattner, M. Tignor, S.K. Allen, J. Boschung, A. Nauels, Y. Xia, V. Bex and P.M. Midgley (eds.)]. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, NY, USA

[iii] http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/whats-fracking#frackingprocess ‘Hydraulic Fracturing FAQs’, Gasland, a film by Josh Fox

Wings of Desire – Help The Climate Guardians Stay Elevated

We have planned a special treat for everyone to come along and join us for our fundraiser! Wings of Desire – Help The Climate Guardians Stay Elevated is to help with a stack of expenses that have mounted up over the 2 years we’ve been working on the campaign – costumes (thermals!!), banners, printing, flares, etc, lots of little bits and pieces.

Join us on Friday, 3rd of July, 7pm, for a screening of Wim Wender’s ‘Wings of Desire’.
Tickets are $55 and includes food & film
Longplay Bar, 318 St George’s Road, North Fitzroy

The Climate Guardians had a big year last year, beginning with opening the Lorne Sculpture Biennale with the spectacular performance Coal Requiem


Then later in the year the Climate Guardians (otherwise simply known as the ‘Angels’) made a big splash at last year’s G20 Summit, including being awarded the Most Aussie Moment in the Courier Mail, after negotiating with police to drop them off at the pub after a hard day’s protesting: G20 Brisbane: Our Top 10 Moments


Another highlight of 2014 was being a part of the successful campaign to shut down the Anglesea coal plant and mine, which included a visitation of the site.

2014-11-23 12.07.33

More recently the Angels were out there raising awareness about the need for climate justice, this time supporting Climate Action Moreland and 350.org in a divestment action at a Commonwealth Bank branch in Melbourne’s CBD


We also used this recent outing to meet and greet with members of the public – Our spectacular wings always get us plenty of attention!


So if you want to help us keep flying high – including a planned visitation to Paris for the international COP21 climate talks in November; make sure you come to our fundraiser!