Regardless of the crackdown on civil society during COP21, with utmost consideration for how Parisians are now feeling, ClimActs will be proceeding with their unique performance art activism.

Climate Guardians will be appearing at the following events… We will be updating our schedule as dates for actions are confirmed.

ClimActs Paris COP21 Schedule

Monday 30 November Delivering hundreds of messages (letters, artworks and some poems) from concerned young Australians to world leaders. We began presenting the messages to delegates at the gates of Le Bourget (site of COP21) early on Day 1 of the conference.
Various Days – Check Social Media for Details Putting these letters and artworks up on walls around Paris as part of our outdoor performance pieces with ArtCOP21 – see
Dates To Be Confirmed Collaborating with Australian artist Janet Laurence to honour her ‘Deep Breathing (Resuscitation for the Reef)’ installation now showing at the Natural History Museum
Wednesday 2 December Climate Guardians angels will be visiting iconic Paris sites, accompanied by two flautists, one of which recently graduated from the Paris Conservatoire

10:30 – La Basilique Sacré Coeur

11:30 – Place de l’Opéra, 10 Place de l’Opéra

12:30 – Le Palais-Royale, 38 rue de Montpensier 75001

14:00 – Ponte Neuf

14:30 – Fontaine Saint-Michel de Paris

15:30 – Le Jardin Luxembourg

16:30 – Panthéon

Thursday 3 December Back dropping the Climate Pinocchio awards
Various Days – Check Social Media for Details Helping to deliver the Kick Big Polluters Out of COP21 petition
Various Days – Check Social Media for Details Coal Diggers are here representing the Australian delegation to COP (the snort more Coal Often Party) because we so appreciate how much our government loves us!
Various Days – Check Social Media for Details And we have some top-secret plans so you’ll have to keep following us…