Climate Guardians Honoured with an Environment Victoria Community Environment Recognition Award


It was a great honour for Climate Guardians to be among the community groups to receive an Environment Victoria award last night.

During nearly four years of portending we’ve been graced with the presence of more angels than we can count, and they’ve come from nearly every continent on Earth.


As the founding act in ClimActs’ suite, the Climate Guardians are by far and away the most precious for their representation of everything that the world most needs now: determined love, peace, hope and an open hearted appreciation of beauty in all its manifestations.

For a leading ENGO like Environment Victoria to so publicly encourage the work of grassroots community groups is greatly encouraging and very much appreciated.


With love and gratitude to all Angels (in and out of costumes) who are contributing to our growing ‘climate guardian’ movement,

The Climate Guardians xx 🌏💚






Australia is one of the highest per capita contributors to global warming. It’s a double irony therefore that Australia is also the most vulnerable inhabited continent and the country most obviously resisting the ‘heavy lifting’ required to effectively combat the most dangerous impacts of runaway climate change.


According to independent scientific analysis by Climate Tracker, Australia’s commitment at the Paris COP21 climate talks warranted an ‘inadequate’ rating, meaning that the promised emissions reductions are not in line with most interpretations of a “fair” approach to reach a 2°C pathway. In fact if most other countries followed the Australian approach, global warming would exceed 3–4°C.


To make matters worse it has now emerged that Team Turnbull did not even have any proper emissions reduction modelling for its inadequate Paris commitment! It really must have been tough and awkward being in the dark on the world stage. No wonder other nations initially baulked at Australia being allowed to join the so-called “coalition for ambition” in Paris.


Within weeks of signing the Paris Climate Agreement the Turnbull government moved to approve further mega coal and associated infrastructure projects, making a mockery of the Paris commitments. If those projects go ahead they will detonate a carbon bomb into the global atmosphere and contribute to the destruction of what remains of the Great Barrier Reef.


If emissions from Australia’s fossil fuel exports are taken into account (which they plainly should fairly be) then our already profligate emissions are actually a staggering three times higher than current estimates! Expressed another way Australia’s modus operandi appears to be to flood the global market with as many fossil fuels as we possibly can (while we can still get away with it) while blaming other nations for burning them! It is particularly bad that Australia is a wealthy country and is doing this knowingly, thereby wilfully distorting energy markets and holding back the renewable energy solutions urgently needed to help fight global warming.


So, it’s no surprise (but no less unsatisfactory) that Australia is dragging its feet over ratifying the Paris Agreement. There is even a Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into the Agreement that is being chaired by the embattled (again) MP Stuart Robert. While we can’t comment on Robert’s scientific qualifications, media reports of his apparent difficulty in discerning between the public interest and his own private interests are cause for further serious concerns.

ClimActs has made a detailed and considered submission to the Paris Agreement Inquiry. To give a voice to young people (who will unfairly bear the brunt of climate change), our submission includes a link to the huge number of children’s messages that the Climate Guardians hand delivered to COP21 delegates in Paris last year. We have urged the Committee to read them with open hearts and minds. It is to be hoped that they do.

Meanwhile, please stay tuned with our #KeepYourPromise campaign!


#JustTransition #JustDoIt

At dawn on 25 September 2016, anticipating the arrival of Earthworker Walk With the Valley walkers

At dawn on 25 September 2016, anticipating the arrival of Earthworker Walk With the Valley walkers

This time last week a flock of Climate Guardians had just returned from a ‘visitation’ to the Latrobe Valley where they had joined community calls for a #LVTransition for workers (not speculative fossil fuel investors) who will be directly affected by the urgently required sustainable transition away from toxic and finite power sources towards zero pollution, 100 per cent renewable ones.


Long impressed by the ongoing Voices of the Valley campaign, we timed our Latrobe Valley ‘visitation’ to support Earthworker’s Walk With The Valley fundraising event. Walking 100km from Pakenham to Morwell over 7 days, in solidarity with people in the Valley, the Earthworker Cooperative is calling on governments to “commit to concrete plans to support sustainable livelihoods and the environment.”

Visiting a local renewable energy retailer

Visiting a local renewable energy retailer

With determined, progressive government policies combined with collaborative community consultation, the Latrobe Valley could quickly become a global leader in demonstrating what a socially and environmentally sustainable #JustTransition looks like. Imagine the opportunities for local farmers* if the Valley’s fertile soils were properly rehabilitated (jobs!). And given the Valley’s existing power generating infrastructure, there are surely some exciting opportunities for solar and wind power supported by pumped hydro for energy storage

Carrying the red line symbolising a crossing of the Earth’s critical physical and social limits; it marks a non-negotiable no go zone where wholesale systems collapse^

Carrying the red line symbolising a crossing of the Earth’s critical physical and social limits; it marks a non-negotiable no go zone where wholesale systems collapse^

Within a few days a super storm was unleashing ferocious winds, rain and 80,000 lightening strikes across South Australia, smashing 22 transmission towers and causing a statewide blackout. In response—largely ignoring those affected and deserving of consideration—with impressive rapid fire efficiency, polluters and an embarrassing number of Australia’s leaders busily engaged in devil-may-care finger pointing at the wind power industry for causing the carnage. In fact, SA’s blackout ideally demonstrated just how vulnerable our electricity system is to climate change, and how urgently we need to build its resilience through a just transition to more decentralised renewable energy sources with backup storage capacities.

Latrobe Valley Vision for a Just Transition

Latrobe Valley Vision for a Just Transition

Meanwhile, the irony of blaming renewable energy (aka the solution) for the ferocious storm (aka the problem of unnatural weather due to climate change) wasn’t lost on climate activists as the #stuffwecanblameonrenewables took twitter by storm, thanks to Environment Victoria’s CEO Mark Wakeham.

At dusk on 25 September 2016, with the backdrop of Yallourn's power station and open cut coal mine

At dusk on 25 September 2016, with the backdrop of Yallourn’s power station and open cut coal mine

As if we needed any further reminders of how entrenched, globalised vested interests will shamelessly twist public debates to protect their profits, this last week served up a beauty. While it has made a minuscule proportion of the world’s people phenomenally rich, the free market has proven extraordinarily successful at dividing local communities and destroying the environments that support them, all the while fuelling gross inequity within and between nations.


So we think it’s time that everybody who believes in a ‘fair go’ and equal justice for All stands up to the greedy vested interests that are selling out our future on this beautiful planet just to protect their own short-term profits. Please join us in calling for an urgent #LVTransition now.

Supporting local companies installing renewable energy systems

Supporting local companies installing renewable energy systems


*as distinct from environmentally and socially destructive corporate/industrial scale farms

^this is the same Red Line fabric that helped lead a crowd of more than 10,000 through the streets of Paris on D12 (12 December 2015) of COP21. Activists from all around the world had marched that Red Line around five kms from L’avenue de la Grande Armée to the Eifel Tower where the bridge over the River Seine was occupied for more than an hour. The Red Line symbolises a crossing of the Earth’s critical physical and social limits; it marks a non-negotiable no go zone where wholesale systems collapse.