How to make your own DIY angel wings

Anyone can adopt Angel symbolism to make a visual demand for climate justice:


To make it easier for others to undertake their own Climate Guardian actions, Zoe and her friend have developed a prototype set of wings that are durable and light-weight and can easily be replicated at home using recycled materials.

Zoe Buckley Lennox has been involved in some amazing actions inG2OZowiecluding boarding Shell’s arctic oil drilling vessel on the high seas, occupying the platform for 6 days to highlight the insanity of Arctic oil earlier this year. We were really lucky to have Zoe join us as one of our angels at the G20 in Brisbane last year, and even luckier that she will be joining us in Paris for the COP21 international UN climate talks later this year!

Check out this great video on how you too can become a Climate Guardian Angel with your very own set of wings:

If you follow this DIY wing method, it’s worth knowing that we’ve created gorgeous DIY wings using reused white and cream fabrics with some light coloured sheer and/or lace. And have also found it easier to use white gaffa tape and/or winding strips of white or cream fabric to cover the square frame that holds the wings at the back. Making wings this way is entirely sew-less.



And  if you have any tips for improving our evolving methods we’d love to hear them!

Anyone can become a Climate Guardian and set up their own chapter in their town or country.


The costume is cheap to assemble. You need long white dresses from second hand stores. It can be effective to buy white curtain sheers cut off a band from one end for a waistband, double over what’s left and snip a head hole at the fold. Wrap it around your waist with the band.


Laurels are also cheap to make. Buy from any fabric store and twist into a wreath, wrap with thin white ribbon to secure. We bundle our hair up loosely and wear classical sandals.

Thanks to Zoe’s video, we are hoping in future that more people in other parts of the country and even the world, can start coordinating their very own angel actions as part of a mass mobilisation for climate justice! Angel wings can also be gratified, stenciled or chalked.GAF_Lapelpins5 StencilAngel symbolism can appear on any surface, or be worn by men or womenClimate Guardians Website Created

Climate Guardians Website Created

Climate Guardian Angels to Descend on the Paris COP21 Talks

The announcement of Australia’s 26% emissions reduction target based on 2005 levels by the Federal government has incited the Climate Guardians to travel at their own expense to the Paris COP21 climate talks to express Australians’ widespread frustration at our government’s inaction on climate change on the world stage.


The Climate Guardians plan to descend on the Paris COP21 climate talks in December to entreat international leaders to override the ineffective targets announced by former Prime Minister Abbott and upheld by current PM Malcolm Turnbull, which ignore key findings released by the Climate Institute showing the vast majority of Australians demand a transition to clean energy away from coal and want deeper cuts in carbon emissions.

Climate Guardian co-convener Dr Liz Conor said, ‘This woeful commitment to our share of the climate responsibility is an international embarrassment. It smears all Australians as climate shirkers. It is abjectly derelict in our duty of care to all people and life on earth’.

‘Given Australia is the world’s highest greenhouse gas emitter (on a per capita basis), it is unconscionable that our government continues to ignore the increasingly dire warnings by the world’s climate scientists while expanding Australia’s coal export industry.


The Climate Guardians will be standing in defiance of the fossil fuel corporations whose lobbyists are distorting our democratic system in their rapacious quest to profit from a business model that is rapidly and irreversibly destroying the world’s natural assets.

Climate angels with children

In Paris we will be delivering letters written especially by Australian Children imploring international climate leaders to secure their future in a safe and just climate by withstanding our Government’s attempts to scuttle the progress of the talks. Read our full statement.

Please contact us if you would like more information or are interested in participating in the letter writing campaign!